Connecting People Across Cultures

Peace Feast for Mogadishu - Nov 2017

45 people came together from across Bristol to learn about recent events in Mogadishu. 

Here's what people said about the evening:

'Absolutely amazing event. I want to continue to have opportunities to mix with other communities, having monthly sessions around coffee, dinner and conversation.' 

'It was a great evening where communities came together in solidarity and with great empathy and compassion and mindfulness for a hopeful future'.

'It was a great feeling to see other Bristolians showing condolence and sympathy for the friends and neighbours who lost their friends and extended families in recent terror attacks in Mogadishu last month. There was a sense of unity, genorisity and a great mood among attendees; let me thank every one who was involved in such great event'. 

'Very encouraging to see such enthusiasm for letting and working together.' 

'A great evening. I learnt a lot and met some fantastic people.' 

'A great introduction to such a friendly, warm and welcoming community.' 

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